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I just want to clarify that no, she did not marry a "Randy Peters". 90% of your 100% correct story is fiction. I'm sure it is more entertaining the way you have it though.


First of all, you're posting anonymously, so I don't take much stock in your insinuation that what I've written is 90% fiction.

I've used names, I've used personal instances, and I've provided places and circumstances to confirm the story.

Until you can come forward, provide proof and tell me I'm full of shit, the story stands.

Fonda's Daughter

This is a real person that you are talking about here. A hard working, honest person who is also my mom. I would rather have you keep it the way it is than post anything more about my family. I love my mom and it is heartbreaking to see her be poked at and made fun of. I'm sure you can relate, you have a family too.

I could easily provide you a few links of proof via email if I thought you would actually take the story down after seeing it.

Fonda Dicks, isn't that a funny name, tee hee hee is fine. It is all over the internet. But Fonda's graduated from... Fonda's husband is... Fonda's old friends are... Fonda's parents must be... It is too much.

Wally Plahutnik

Karna Lust was another unfortunately named Iowa girl whose name would appear on the band All-State.


Fonda is now remarried and living in Marshalltown. She's a teacher in the nursing college at Marshalltown Community College. She's a very nice lady and a good teacher.

Miles W. Rich

Fonda Dicks is professor of Nursing at a Community college in Iowa and her married name is Hopp.


Fonda's daughter, you have my sympathy for your lack of sense of humor

sandi starcevich

Also want to clarify, Muffy Cox, AKA Elaine Cox, was MY best friend in High School not Fonda's. Muffy went to Moulton-Udell. She did date Niki Dicks for a few months after High School, but she was not best friends with Fonda. You should really check out your info before posting something.

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