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Thanks for this review of George's Buffet, my favorite, go-to watering hole in Iowa City. One omission must be pointed out though: Hot cashews served in little paper party cups. They are a perfect appetizer while waiting for the burgers.

The jukebox is also my favorite in town.

Until the last few years, the bartenders all wore red vests, which was a nice touch.

And George's still features the old Hamm's Beer back-lit bar signs w/the rotating background. Makes the Hamm's Beer go down easier.

Road Tips

I remember the red vests. But the day we were in there, the guy was just in a sweatshirt behind the bar.

I tried to take a picture of the Hamm's sign behind the bar, but my camera phone wasn't good enough to get a shot of it. I have a new phone now and hopefully I can get shots like that in the future.

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