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Very nicely written.

Captain Dan

I've had the ones from Newton and the ones from Marshalltown. It's tough to say which is better. I know they're both better than the other Maidrites I've had around Des Moines.


Thanks Dan, for sticking with your business through these difficult economic times for this city. It is always a treat to come to your shop.

Pat Foote


Dan is DA MAN!!! He put up with us when we were raising hell in the back room as teenage punks from Central Jr. High. Trying to eat a whole Joey rite in one bite ... Dan always has a smile. I was in there over Thanksgiving and it was as good as ever. Love the "bowl of meat" and the well as the fries (crispy, of course)

Dan has given countless people a start in business by employing students and has made a home town restaurant, well, more than just a restaurant. The Newton Maid-Rite shop is an institution.

BARRY Johnson

I grew up in Liscomb and went to Taylors since old enough to sit on the stool lets just say 50 years. My wife and I still go whenever in the area and lm sure our kids will carry on that desire. Moving to Baxter I have ate at the Newton (whatdayacallit) a few times and Im sure a bit biased I like Taylors better. Only mustard pickle onion no ketchup please.
Nice article..Barry

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