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Blueberry Hill - St. Louis

Bhillrstars Blueberry Hill in the uptown University City Loop area of St. Louis is a destination that can't be passed by when you're there.   Blueberry Hill is located on Delmar Avenue, which is also the home to the St. Louis Walk of Fame, a series of in the sidewalk monuments to famous people from the St. Louis area. Joe 

Actually, the owner of Blueberry Hill, Joe Edwards (pictured here) was instrumental in getting the St. Louis Walk of Fame in place.  About 10 years ago Edwards bought and restored the Tivoli Theater just down the street from Blueberry Hill.  The Tivoli shows a lot of independent and foriegn language films and was one of the finest theaters in the Midwest during the hey-day of vaudeville and the golden age of motion pictures.

Scoopanel Edwards also owns The Pageant - a wonderful small venue for live music that hosts a number of national and regional musical artists.  Edwards built The Pageant from the ground up in 1999-2000 and hosted the first show there in the fall of 2000.  I saw Little Feat there one time, I think it was 2001.  The place is a great place to see live music. 

But, as always, I digress from the subject matter at hand...

GuitarBlueberry Hill is also famous as the home performing place for Chuck Berry who plays there on a regular basis.  Blueberry Hill also has Chuck's famous Gibson ES-350T guitar on display, the same one that he used when he wrote many of his memorable hits back in the 50's.

In addition to Berry's guitar, Blueberry Hill also sports a collection of St. Louis sports memorabilia, a number of kitschy items from The Simpsons and a number of other cartoon shows from the past.  They also have a number of music related items in the Elvis Room and in the Duck Room.  And going back toward the bathrooms, there are a number of pictures hanging on the wall of Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards and a plethora of celebs from the world of sports, music, film and television. 

But the burgers at Blueberry Hill are just as good as the surroundings.  I like ordering the 7 oz burger with pepper cheese and grilled mushrooms.  Umm, boy! 

Blueberry Hill also has a very good selection of beers, they also serve breakfast and are a great late night spot to eat (the grille is open until midnight).  They take all credit cards and there is ample parking nearby at one of the many public lots along or near the University City Loop area.  If you're into music, if you're into kitsch, if you're into good burgers - you'll love Blueberry Hill


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