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Quad City Maid-Rites

There are 11 Maid-Rite sandwich shoppes around the Quad Cities (see list).  I've eaten at about a half dozen of them and I can tell you this - they're not very good. 

It's like the meat is burned or something.  Not charred, but...  Well, have you ever cooked a piece of beef, a burger or something, but cooked it at a low heat temperature for a long time?  That's how the beef from the Maid-Rites here in the Quad's taste.  It's not something that is pleasant at all. 

I actually met the owner of the Maid-Rites here in the Quad's one time.  I was introduced to him by Tom Kakert after an I-Club golf outing a few years ago.  He was a nice guy, we had a good time drinking a couple of beers, but I didn't get drunk enough to tell him that even though he was a nice guy, his Maid-Rites sucked.

But then again, people around here seem to like the taste.   The restaurants always seem to be busy.  And they serve full serve breakfasts and other food like hot beef sandwiches at the Quad City Maid-Rites.  If they concentrated on just the Maid-Rites, they'd probably get it down like they do in Newton and Marshalltown.


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