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Keith Hazen

I read your comments on canky hanks pizza......nothing to do with happy joes.....hank was the owners dad and a drill instuctor I the Corps....grumpy and crabby didn't sound right. I encourage you to try ours and see its not bland or processes.Thank you.

Rob B

Next time you are in the Quad Cities Look up QC Family Entertainment and Frankies Sports Bar. It is closer to Chicago Style. They are resisted the temptation to duplicate the "QC Style Pizza"


Lunardi's is the best of the lot? I grew up in the QC and that statement alone pretty much disqualifies your palette. What does a pizza cost at Lunardi's vs. Harris, eh?


Your retarded. You have no taste for good pizza. I’ve been all over the United States eating pizza and non come close to QC style pizza. I’m currently living in Vegas desperately looking for decent pizza.

Loe Morales

Really ??? I disagree with your review of Pizza in the Q.C and the taste of the people who live there , I think your remarks are quite ignorant...


I find QC pizza to be a nice change of pace. It's a style with enough legs that we here in Chicago even have our own Quad Cities-style joint, Roots, that is doing quite well. Whenever I'm heading west on 80 or 88 and find myself in that part of the state, I try to stop for a pie at Frank's or Harris (or sometimes Happy Joe's, cuz my friend and his wife in Iowa City love it, and if I'm heading his way, I pick one up.)

I like the weird quirks, the funky cut, the loose sausage, the malty/molasses chewy crust. It's unique. I've honestly not had a bad pizza in the QC and the place I go to most -- yep -- is the one you dislike the most: Harris (specifically #1 in Rock Island.)

I live in Chicago, so we have all different types of pizza to pick and choose from here, and I find Quad Cities definitely deserves a place in the pizza afficiando's heart.

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