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Al Kern

I've lived in Tiffin for 28 years, and believe me, it was easy to walk the three blocks from my house to the best steak house in the Midwest (at least, until the late 1990's).

If I can hit the Powerball numbers tomorrow night, I guarantee that I'll bring the Lark back to Tiffin..:)

Nice blog, BTW.

Dirk Keller

The Lark had aged steaks, which made all the difference in the world.

Only the finest occassions involved the Lark.

Never had a bad meal there.

I even tried the frog legs one time.

Gone but not forgotten.

BTW, Al Kern is a god, and is somebody who could pull off another Lark.

Silver Smith

Hey, the Sanctuary Pub in Iowa City, Iowa was started by Nick Perret and Robert Nicholas. Then, a few years later, Nick sold to Dennis Jones and later, Robert sold to Daryl Woodson. And still later, Jones sold to “Woody".

Matt Klein

Eating at the Lark was an event in unto itself.
The steaks were the best, and service impeccable.
It is said that after losing to the Cyclones one year, Dan Gable dropped off his wrestlers in the parking lot to run back to Iowa City.
Very good commentary. All the comments are spot on.


Just found out that Bob passed away August 11, 2014. He will be missed by my family. My mom was his bookkeeper for years.


My grandparents would take the whole family there for special occasions. We always got several orders of onion rings as an appetizer. Then out came the iceberg lettuce salad- inside the hollowed out lettuce head. Thousand island with anchovies on top-awesome. Then the battered shrimp, which was the best shrimp probably in the Midwest. Grandpa would always get a New York Strip. Grandma would get a pink squirrel at the end of the meal.

Nothing but fond memories.

Sarah Thul

There is another Lark in Tiffin!! My daughter, Lark! Yes, she is named because of the special people and memories of The Lark. My dad was the head chef and my mom was a waitress. Bob and Shirley were very kind to my family and had the Amish in Kalona make a cradle that I have in my possession to this day. After my parents divorced (and my dad had left The Lark), my mom returned to waitress and met my stepdad, who also worked there. I have so many fond memories of running around the restaurant as a little girl. I wish I would have been able to tell Bob before he passed. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Shirley? I am currently looking for any pictures of the restaurant or other memorabilia for my Lark's bedroom. She is 18 months old. If you can help, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks! Sarah (Harney) Thul

Janice schulke

We lived in Cedar Rapids, but went to the Lark for their wonderful meals several times. There was always a great meal and well served and perfectly cooked. Thanks for the memories. Janice Schulke, Durham North Carolina

Janet Zimny

I was at a garage sale in northern Minnesota and found 3 trivets that you could also hang on the wall, one with weights and measures, one calorie chart & one meat & cookery. The back says on our 10th anniversary again we thank you-“the best people on earth-our customers” THE LARK SUPPER CLUB

I had never heard of the Lark before but when I saw these trivets I knew it had to be something special.

Chuck Roach

The absolute best restaurant I’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting. The steak was to die for, the salad was a head of lettuce with the insides chopped and all the extras added. For the price, nothing could compare. Good memories.
Chuck Roach

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