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Tony Jobe

I agree that Jim's is often very good though sometimes inconsistent. FWIW it seems like the best meals I've had there were during lunch hours. Perhaps the daytime staff is a little more experienced than some of the younger kids who work at night.

If I could change one thing about Jim's it would be the bread. That lifeless white bread that comes with the meal makes Wonder bread look gourmet. I would love to have some good homemade cornbread to go with their barbecue.

I once visited the Omaha location and decided to bring a couple quarts of sauce back home to Cincinnati. The only problem is that the sauce has to remain refrigerated. How do you keep the sauce cold? Styrofoam cooler. How do you keep the styrofoam cooler from spilling open on the flight? Duct tape. I looked like an idiot struglling with a styrofoam cooler of barbecue sauce while boarding and deplaning (but then I once carried two dozen ears of farm fresh sweet corn on a flight from Sioux City to Cincinnati, so I'm no stranger to looking like an idiot on a plane).

One guy asked me what was in the cooler. I told him and he asked me if Jim's is good. I said, "absolutely". He gave me a skeptical grin and said, "Better than Montgomery Inn?"

"Better than Montgomery Inn," I replied.

Will Veber

That's right - you were one of the people who told me they ate at the Jim's in Omaha and it was pretty much the same as the one in Rock Island.

One thing I forgot to add to the Jim's Rib Haven post - I saw Brooke Shields, the actress, in Jim's, circa 1993 or thereabouts. She and her mother, Terri, were having lunch there.

Brooke Shields was in the Quad Cities for a couple months that spring/summer filming an Italian made for television movie called "Un Amore Americano" ("An American Love"). I still don't know why an Italian TV movie was filmed in Davenport, but it was.

I knew she was around town that summer, but had never seen her up until that time. I think her picture is up on the wall at Jim's in Rock Island.

Will Veber

Oh, and you're right on two counts, Tony.

1) Jim's needs to "deep six" those pieces of white bread that wouldn't be acceptable at most homeless shelters. A big chunk of Texas Toast would be good, in my book.

And 2) Jim's is better than the Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati. People in Cincinnati who like Montgomery's don't know what real barbecue is all about.

Tim Lake

I moved out to Dayton about four years ago and I've been to the Montgomery Inn two times. I don't get it either. It's not that great.

Will - have you been to Super Smokers in St. Louis? I would be interested in what you thoughts are with them.

Will Veber

Tim - I've had Super Smokers and they're very good. See my reviews of "St. Louis Style Ribs" in the "Barbecue" category.


The nephew,Damion now has his own sauce available at the local hyvee stores and for orders out of state you can call 309-7167671. The name is Damion's Rib Haven!!

Road Tips

Picked up some of Damion's rib sauce at Hy-Vee a couple weeks ago. Too bad he's not open in E. Moline any longer.

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