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Where did you get your sources? I'm doing research on this company and would love to have sources to cite :)


I cannot agree more with the author of this post and I wanted to thank him for the breakdown of the history of these two fine beers. I've always enjoyed both Old Style and Special Export. For $13, a 30 pack case of Special Export is one of the best values in beer! You're getting a tried and true recipe that has lasted the test of time. If it was indeed "skunky" or "metallic tasting" like some pompous reviewers have said, then it wouldn't have survived. I've also had a few cases of La Crosse Lager and like that too. To me, it tastes a bit more peppery than Old Style, which I like. In Minnesota, it's hard to find La Crosse Lager though. I don't understand why beer drinkers across America would rather drink Bud Light or even worse Coors Light. Do we no longer enjoy flavor? I hope good quality, inexpensive beer survives through this Microbrew Era!!

Douglas Laus

I was born and raised in WI, though I am not a beer drinker, remember SE, as one of the few beers I did like.

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