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Bob Kelly

I love the looks of your beer fridge! They say "in heaven there is no beer" but I say when I go I'm trying to smuggle your fridge in with me!
Also, noticed your post about Sinsiniwa Ave & Vans in E.Dubuque. I went to college there. It has a long, and notorisious history....Al Capone actually owned a place over there. Also, Spatterdash used to play for a crazy lady at a club called Mr. Hydes. I swear, this lady had set times...9:30-10:30, 11:-12, etc. Anyway, Spatterdash would be on stage playing, and it would be 10:33, and she'd be looking at them, furious, tapping her watch, telling them they had to get off stage. Then they'd be back for another set, and someone would be tuning an instrument, and Chris would be giving a toast, and it would be 11:02, and again she's tapping her watch, furious that there's no music. I love Dubuque, and East Dubuque, but some of the strangest people I've ever met in my life live there.

Will Veber

Bobby - "Sin" street certainly has a checkered past. At one point, I believe there were five strip joints on the street alone. I heard from a friend who lives in Dubuque that E. Dubuque was a big "speakeasy" destination during Prohibition. It's not quite the outlaw town that it once was, but it certainly still does have the reputation.

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