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Ed Sloan

I cannot agree with you more. I have Cingular (AT&T) and I have laughed MANY times at their policies. My son has had a phone in for warranty service for the last six weeks. No new phone, no loaner phone, nothing. They told us we could get a new phone for $50. We're at the point where they're going to break us down and make us get a new phone.

Peter Lawrence

Your observations are funny, yet sad. We just went through some tough times getting Direct TV to finally get their act together at our house. And don't get me started as to why I dropped cable and went to Direct TV!

Tim Lake

Interesting story, Will. I was laughing at the stipulations, too. Have you called customer service yet?

Will Veber

I called customer service, Timmy, and after reiterating to not one, but TWO, U.S. Cellular people that if I had to pay any money to break my contract just to spend more money with them, they finally relented and "allowed" me to get the special promo on the Blackberry. But I was admonished by a supervisor that this would be the one and ONLY time they would allow this to happen. As a friend of mine said earlier today, "These cell companies just don't get it."

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