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Tim Lake

Susan works at a bank and I asked her tonight if this was true about no foreign checks into ATM's and Homeland Security. She said she didn't know for sure, but there has been a lot of fradulent checks from Canada. She said maybe that was what the Wells Fargo manager was talking about.


Tim, I was told just that at the bank yesterday. The largest amount of fradulent checks are coming from Canada.

I took the check into the bank yesterday and it started all over again. They told me that they would have to put an "indefinite hold" on the check.

When I told them that I'd been talking to the bank manager about it (he wasn't in, of course), they asked if I knew the source of the check. I told them, yes, it was my place of work.

I told the ladies that I'd been having problems like this in the past with tellers, so that's why I took it to the ATM. Then the ATM situation happened.

They told me that fradulent checks and money orders - especially from Montreal - have turned up with frightening regularity over the past year. They promised me that if I brought the check into the branch office in the future they wouldn't give me a problem.

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