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Tim Lake

My brother does brisket from time to time and he soaks it in a salt brine in the sink for a couple hours before he puts it on the grill. I know he likes to cook it at a low temperature and for 12 to 15 hours. This looks good.

Gary D. Yoder

Will, You will find that smoking a brisket can be very time consuming or not. I personally will smoke a brisket about 3 hours and remove it from the smoker. Wrap in tin foil and put in a roasting pan at 200, or put in oven at the same temp. Depending on the size of brisket will depend on how long I will cook it. Your brisket I would have cook it about 10 hours in the roaster. Tim Lake's comment on the salt brine is right on, only add cider vinegar with the salt brine and marinate the night before, you will be amazed on the smoke flavor and the tenderness. All the books I have read in regard to smoking meat is that after a while there is only so much smoke flavor it will take on. So to simplify it smoke for three hours wrap it and slow cook it wrapped in tin foil in a roaster. Guaranteed satisfaction!!!


To me, barbecue is not about sticking meat in the oven or a roasting pan. I've always had a fundamental problem with Rosie's ribs in that while they are good, he finishes them off in the oven. Yeah, a brisket can be time consuming cooking it in a smoker for 12 to 15 hours, but that's what makes barbecue fun.

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