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Great cheesecake photos! You need more of these.

Tim Lake

My wife was looking over my shoulder at your blog tonight. She saw the picture of Danica Patrick. She asked, "Who is that?" I told her it was Danica Patrick, the race car driver. She said, "No way! That's some model! Why does he have a picture of that girl on his blog?"

I tried to tell her it really WAS Danica Patrick! I still don't think she believes me. But she did recognize Ashley Judd.

Tony Jobe

That photo of Ashley Judd almost looks like a young Raquel Welch.


Tony, you scared the hell outta me. When I saw your comment about Judd looking like Welch , I thought you were talking about the picture from the medical updates article!!

I was sure Alford had finally blinded you for life!


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