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My wife's sister got sick in Greece during a visit there and she got great health care. But you're right, Will. The hassles they had to go through with their health care provider once they got back to the states were monumental in proportions.

Anne Trennedy

Boy, that's quite a story! I hope Cindy is doing well. How is your friend doing?

6 years ago, my boyfriend (at the time) and I were vacationing in Panama City, FL with another couple. We ate a lot of shrimp for dinner one night. The next day, my boyfriend's friend woke up with a bad stomach ache. We thought it was due to the shrimp. Turned out it was his appendix. He had an operation at Gulf Coast Medical Center to take his appendix out. The rest of his vacation wasn't fun for him at all!


I certainly hope your wife is doing better. Her recovery will take time. I had a scoped appendectomy on a Monday and went back to work on Friday. Big mistake!!


Cindy is doing as well as could be expected, Anne, thanks for asking. She's still sore and doing a lot of resting. She got up this morning and walked down to the corner and back - a distance of about 400 feet - and she was pretty sore after doing that.

Dave is also doing fine. I understand from Scott Schroeder the procedure on Monday went well. Dave had 90% blockage in one artery, so they placed a stent in there. His other arteries were also minimally blocked, but they're just going to continue to monitor that.

I also understand that he got out of the hospital yesterday and he went right to the Wig and Pen in Coralville for lunch to get some "real food", as he put it. Truly, the miracles of modern medicine.

Peter Lawrence

Wouldn't her procedure be laparoscopic rather than arthroscopic? I think arthroscopic has to do with the joints while laparoscopic has to do with the the abdomen.


Wow, glad things turned out well. Hang in there!

Gary G


Wow, glad things turned out well. Hang in there!

Gary G


Pete - I had a friend from Indiana e-mail me with the same question. The nurses and the doctor kept referring to the procedure as arthroscopy. At least that's what I remember. I just wondered if arthroscopy is a "catch all" term they were using. But yesterday when Cindy was talking about it to one of the neighbors, she did call it laparoscopy. So maybe I was wrong.

Also to Gary - thanks for the best wishes for Cindy. She's still sore (Thursday morning) and has had some tough nights.

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