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Denny S.

you're definitely not like your brother. Didn't he have a bunchof speeding tickets when he moved from Iowa in the 80's?

Tim Lake

You're the only guy I know who can take a fifteen minute episode and turn it into a 30 paragraph blog entry. Those cops over on the east side of St. Louis were vicious when I lived there!

Tony J.

I also drive about 35-40K miles per year. I got a lot of tickets in college and my mid 20s, but in the last 11 years I've had zero tickets and just two warnings.

The best trick I've found for avoiding tickets is to let someone else be your canary in the coal mine. Start out driving normal speed and wait for someone to go zipping past. It usually doesn't take more than a couple minutes on any given interstate. Then let him get about a 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile ahead of you and start driving at the same speed while keeping him just within eyesight. If his brake lights suddenly come on it's time to slow down.


Fairmont City is listed now. ya gotta watch out for those small town cops lining their pockets with out of town money!

Gary D. Yoder

Yeh his brother didn't have a license when he moved from IA in the 80's

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