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Joel Barnum

Will, when I was in Baton Rouge a few years back, a guy I worked with took me to a Cajun bar where he played "Cajun triangle" in the house band. It was great fun, great music and the food was excellent, too. That was the first time I ever tasted étouffée, but not the last!

Tony Cavitt

it was a great show, and i was honored to be asked to open for BeauSoliel. surprised i didn't hear the lady "yell" her disgust between my songs. from the stage, you can pretty much hear everything in the room, so i'm kinda doubting it happened like this says it did. also, i have a great recording of the show done by the Redstone sound engineer, and, while i can hear many remarks between songs,to save my life, i cannot hear a single disparaging remark made before, during OR after any of my songs. in fact, the crowd was very good to me that night and the response was great. anyone that would like to hear the show, let me know at [email protected] and i will be glad to send you an email attachment copy of my show and you can see for yourself that the crowd was more than favorable toward my performance. don't know what show this guy was at, but, here's the proof if you want it.

one more thing that needs correcting regarding this 'review':
the Redstone Room advertised this show in print, on-line, posters, and radio in the Quad City Area for several weeks prior and made note of me opening the show every time. those that didn't know i was opening obviously weren't paying a lot of attention. probably too busy yelling their disgust,,,

-"Tennessee" Tony Cavitt

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