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Tight ass, buy Cindy the statue!


Why refer to a transgendered woman who firmly identifies as female as "he/she?" - and you consider yourself open minded. Pffft, sure.


I believe Chablis Considered himself a drag queen, therefor the he/ she. No disrespect by author, just a bit of intolerance. I've been reading book and googling references like crazy. Cool City...


From what I've read, Minerva was really Valerie Fennell Boles. She was the common law wife of a famous root doctor, Dr. Eagle. The book states her husband was Dr. Buzzards, who was another famous Georgian root doctor.

Tammy Slaughter

Read the book, wasn't really impressed with it. Some parts seemed to be dragged along. Love! Love the movie!!!!

Jim Richardson

Please ignore comments like the last one by this Tammy person of questionable taste. The book is incredible (the author of this article is too blase’ about it) but the movie is nigh on downright bad. Tammy needs to refine her tastes.

Donna Hippmann West

I read the book AFTER I had visited Savannah on a Girl Scout Troop trip, and it was a total HOOT to see all the references to places that we had seen, within THAT context. Can't wait to see the movie now! Great Fun!!!

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