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Rhonda Klees

i posted on trip advisor about my ghost sighting experience on the 11th floor in our room of the desoto hilton hotel in 2009.. i believe it was in March or April that year but i posted it, like the next day or two while the experience was fresh.. lol

she woke me up with two taps on my right shoulder!!
i thought it was my husband, and as i turned to see what he wanted i saw a young ghostly girl about 8? hovering above me, i was so shocked i shut my eyes for a few seconds to get the courage up to open my eyes again, thinking she would be gone when i opened my eyes again.. i peeked my eyes open and she smiled and took her fingers and moved my bangs to the side of my face.. she was grayish blue, but solid from the end of her turn of the century dress or gown up.. but clearer down to her feet while floating directly above me.. i closed my eyes, again, quickly after i felt her touch my hair and face with her fingers..
and just lie there for a second to make sure that when i opened my eyes again, she would be gone.. She was! the whole room was lit up like the light was on.. I saw my glasses, my husband's wallet, keys, all by the tv in front of the bed.. i am near sighted so i am legally blind, but could see in 20/20 vision every detail of the room for a couple of minutes.. i looked at my husband turned toward the door to the right still, snd thought, should i wake him??? lol. He had to be at work at 7am the next day, so i let him sleep.. He is like me, used to seeing or hearing things like this..

Spirits are good and bad all around us..
that not my only experience that night, but maybe you can find my old remarks and read the rest of what happened leading up to the visitor in my room at around 1:00am.. lol

best night ever
oh, definitely take the walking tour at 9:30pm

some times you see or feel things, and sometimes you do not..
its up to the spirits.. we can not predict, just keep an open mind.. because without that, your chances are less of seeing something..

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