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Jen B.

You liked Van's but didn't like Rastrelli's? You must have had a bad pizza from there. They may not have had the regular cook on a Sunday afternoon. Go through the week or on a Saturday night. I like Van's allright but Rastrelli's is the bomb!


Like I said - the tomato sauce was bland as was the sausage. If they make their own tomato sauce and sausage at the place, I would think it would be consistent in taste. It wasn't that the pizza was bad, it just didn't have that tangy tomato and fennel Italian sausage taste that I've had in much better pizzas - including Van's. If I could categorize Rastrelli's pizza as anything it would be the most "vanilla" tasting sausage and pepperoni pizza I've had.

Jen B.

My husband grew up in Camanche and I grew up in DeWitt and we've both been going to Rastrelli's for years before we knew each other. Pizza places have come and gone but Rastrelli's has stuck around. They must be doing something right!


I grew up in Newton and I thought a place we had there called Zeno's (later Giovanni's) had the best pizza in the world. That is, until I started to travel for a living and could try pizza from all over the place. It's like the same thing here in the Quad Cities - tons of people who grew up eating Harris Pizza still think it's the best they've ever had. I think it's horrible pizza. Everyone has their idea as to what's good and what they like, but if you've read through my blog, especially the pizza entries, you'll see that there is a lot of very good pizza out there. A lot better than Zeno's-Giovanni's in Newton! ;-)

Jen B.

We don't like Harris either!!! We don't travel as much as you do. It's a little tough with three kids from the ages of 10 to 3. But I do enjoy your blog and hope to be able to visit some of these places someday!

Rob Rastrelli

With all due respect towards your comments about Rastrelli's Pizza,a misconception about the saugage on pizza, is that everyone is using Italian sausage for thir pizza sausage, and that is considered the norm.
Pizza sausage is in itself Pizza sausage. There is a difference, Italian Sausage, is Italian Sausage,which has fennel, sage and other spces.Pizza Sausage, which Rastrelli's uses, is used for Pizza's, this has a proprietary blend of spices, which My Grandpa, and uncles have used it since the 1950's. Please try it again, if you dont like it , call the manager, or better yet,call my Uncle Mike(Peter)Rastrelli, he will take care of you.

Patrick Johnson

Next time you are in the Clinton area try Vitale's 1134 Camanche Avenue. Their sausage is head and shoulders better than Rastrelli's. I live on the north end of Clinton but will drive to the other side of town to have Vitale's pizza. The salad bar my not be as elaborate as Restrelli's and you can order garlic bread rather than having free bread but as you pointed out in your review you don't want to fill up on the sides and ruin the main coarse. They may not be as fancy as Restrelli but the prices reflect it as well. I'm not one to associate price with "good" but they do have a two large pizza deal that beats anyone along with flavor.

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