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Van's pizza is very good, but the last two or three times that we went there they really cut back on the toppings of the ingredients. We had a sausage and pepperoni pizza and it looked like there were only four or five pieces of sausage on the pizza and we had trouble finding the pepperonis. Its not a good value, in my opinion. Wonder if they're in trouble business-wise. That's generally the first sign when the portions get smaller or cut back.

Road Tips

We've noticed that, too, Jerry. Sometime last year we decided that we needed to start ordering double sausage on the pizzas because they were really beginning to skimp on the toppings. I went there the other night and got a sausage, pepperoni and mushroom pizza. The toppings were so spaced out on the pizza that it was tough to find a piece that didn't have all three on one slice.

As far as Van's being in trouble, I can't comment on that. They seem to be doing great business everytime we go in or drive by.

J Dahlstrom

I ended up here via the Urbanspoon site and wanted to agree with some of the other comments. My wife and I live near Assumption high school and can just walk along the Duck Creek bike path to get to Van's. We go there quite often and have also noticed a cut back in portion sizes. We really like the atmosphere and the food. I'm a fan of the pizza also, but I also like the chicken parmesan sandwich and just about anything else I've had. Hopefully, they are not having trouble. They seem packed pretty regularly.

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