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St. Louis Steve

Is it in your nature to be just be generally nice even after they fouled up your pizza? I would have been fuming had I experienced this on my first visit to Pi or any restaurant for that matter. I probably wouldn't have gone back. Given that I have eaten at Pi a handful of times, I will say that service can be spotty, but I've never had an experience anywhere close to this during my visits. Yes, their pizza is very good at Pi, my favorite in St. Louis, but that's not excuse for the poor service you received.

T.K. Barton

Why on earth would you accept this from this restaurant or any other restaurant who obviously tried to cover their ass for their mistake. And it doesn't appear just to be one or two mistakes but as many as four or five, including the beer not being delivered. What they should have done is made you another pizza from scratch because it appears with all the screwing around they were doing with your original pizza they could have easily made and baked you another pizza in the same amount of time it took for them to screw it up a couple times more.


Don't let this episode turn you against Pi, no matter how bad it was. They do have the best pizza in St. Louis. It's sort of a special place for my husband and me. It was the site of our first date in the summer of 2008.

Tommy Boy

Of course it's the fault of the waiter. He was the one who originally took the order without writing it down. Every one else after that was trying to cover for his original mistake. Two wrongs, or four wrongs in this case, don't make a right.


Linked to your review at the 'Eat at Joe's' blog at the St Louis Post Dispatch.

Pi's owner, Chris Sommers has read it and responded.


"Sales Guy', please contact me privately - I have a message from Chris Sommers that is meant for you.

Buzz Raymond

Sir, you are a lot more patient than I ever would have been. I would have blown a gasket by the time they brought out the wrong pizza for the second time, let alone trying to cover up their mistakes. I enjoy reading your insights to some of the restaurants in the St. Louis area. And other areas, for that matter. I've been reading your blog since it was first on Joe Bonwich's forum on the Post Dispatch web site. It's one of the better restaurant and general blogs I've come across.

L. R. (Buzz) Raymond

Laurie Allen

I'd like to second Buzz's comments about your blog. I, too, first saw your link on the Eat at Joe's forum and have enjoyed your folksy humor when it comes to your blog entries. I'd admire you for your consistency and keeping up with your entries. I have tried to start a blog twice and I just couldn't continue because I found it to be boring. I didn't know what to write about. From your personal experiences to your reviews of restaurants I find your blog to be one of the more enjoyable ones to read on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!


Your experience at Pi is not surprising at all considering that most of their kitchen workers are Dewey's Pizza rejects. Also, the classless way that Ryan Mangialardo was sacked tells you all you need to know about Chris Sommers and his management team.

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