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You obviously have no taste for good piza.. Harris Pizza is the best in the Quad Cities and for you to say that they have bland sauce proves that you have never eaten there. Harris has a spicy tomato sauce with a special blend of cheese that they get special delivered from Chicago. Harris's pepperoni pizza is the spiciest and tastiest pizza in the Quad Cities. Why do you think so many people try and copy Harris's style?

You should stick to Domino's or Pizza Hut.

Dave Chaim

I agree that Harris pizza is garbage, but not that Harris "invented" the pie style they adhere to nor that the style "sucks." Harris is crap because the limp pies serve as little more than grease trays - sometimes a full 1/4" of grease pools on top of the dense glue cheese on top of the soggy pie bed. The toppings are usually good - save for the canned mushrooms, olives, etc. The crumbled sausage is delicious and has its own appeal - When you state "chunks" of sausage, I mentally picture Little Caesar's and Domino's. Hand-pulled wads of sausage that can be found on "gourmet" pizzas are / can be wonderful as well, but not the ONLY way to sausage-top a pizza. Wow, just as you did, I have spent more time rambling on about subjects other than the what the review purports to be written about. Saint Giuseppe's offers what is termed "QC-Style" pizza - that what businesses like Harris, Uncle Bill's, Fat Boys, etc. model their work after. Saint Giuseppe's is actually a fine example of QC-style pizza that I like much better than Harris. In fact, Giuseppe's pies are my favourite QC-style pizzas, followed closely by Uncle Bill's. Harris isn't even near my list - if I wanted to move something through my GI system, I might dig into a Harris greasepan...

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