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Raul's is back, opened in May. His daughter and husband are running the place and have all the family recipes. It's on 8th St in WDM.


You know about Henry J's on SW Ninth. The filling is bland but their fried taco shell is commendable. I've been told they make a fine sausage sandwich as well.

Road Tips

Slaking Fool! First of all, I have to say that I follow your blog regliously. Keep up the great work! Secondly, I hadn't even thought about Henry J's for years and didn't know it was still open. Years ago when I was actually athlectic and in shape, I used to play in a basketball league that featured a team of Hispanic guys sponsored by Henry J's. A couple of the guys were friends of mine and I remember going into Henry J's from time to time. Actually, I preferred Little Nips Taco Village on Hubbell right across 4 Mile Creek from E. 33rd. I do miss their tacos and onion rings.


Tasty Tacos is the Best Bottom down but if you want another good place go to Norwood Inn there in Norwood ville it is just up the road from Murray Motors and they have a great hot sausage sandwich there as well but if you want the best tacos hands down go to Taste Tacos best on is on the East Side kind of by the Fairgrounds the first restaurant there house I drive a thousand miles four times a year just to get some Taste Tacos YUMMY

Kathy Forbes

Please please open up a place in Las vegas Nevada. We are in desperate need of your tacos.

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