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I'd MUCH rather pay the price of a Pagalo's/Pinocchio's pizza over a run of the mill greasy drippy crust Harris/or Harris copycat ANYDAY!!! Hmmmmm time to make another visit. ;-)
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Brittany R.

Pagalo's is much better than any Harris pizza. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but they use the best ingredients.

David Greenwood

People who compare Pagalo's and Harris pizza are like the people who compare Bud Light and Miller Lite. Both are excellent; two different styles of preparation done well. It's all personal preference. If I like one, the other is no good. What a mindset. I feel sorry for someone who has to go through life thus.

Rob C.

Harris pizza excellent? I didn't grow up around here, although I've been here 25 years and I'm amazed at what the locals think is great pizza. And Harris is not great pizza.


My husband and I were going to try Pagalos this past weekend. However, the service there greatly left something to be desired. We sat at a table for over 30 minutes and were asked one time what we would like to drink. After ordering our drinks, we never got them and instead were ignored some more. The place smelled fantastic, but I do not foresee my family ever eating at Pagalos due to the extremely poor wait staff service. After sitting at a table for 30 minutes and watching the waitress serve every table but ours food and drinks, we simply got up and walked out the door.

Mrs. R

I really doubt anyone had to wait 30 minutes for service! My husband and I have been going into Pinocchio’s/Pagalos for about 3 years! The servers are excellent, personable, and outgoing. Most have been there for some time and know people by their 1st names and their orders as soon as they sit down. The only time there has been a lag in service was if they were exceptionally busy but nothing out of the ordinary. If you have not had their pizza I encourage you to give it another try, it is simply fantastic. I assume even the best employee is entitled to an off night. You obviously have never been in customer service before to truly understand how difficult and stressful it can be at times. I assume in your field all days are without error or issues.


I haven't had any bad experiences with the waitresses at Pinnochio's/Pagalo's over the years. But like the guy who writes this blog I've had an indifference from some waitresses during that time. I think I got the same waitress this guy had when it came to making sure that things were OK with us and getting more pop or water for us.

Steph's Mom

My husband and I went to Pagalo's based on this blog review. The pizza was good but the service was a little less than desirable. My husband had ordered a beer and the waitress forgot about it. She brought my soda, but didn't bring a beer for my husband. She brought my salad to me and when my husband asked her where his beer was she said she was working on it. This was 10 minutes after he ordered it! My husband finished his beer about halfway through the pizza and he wanted another but our waitress didn't come back to check on us. And it wasn't that busy.


Don't know if Pagalo's reads this blog or not but the waitress we had last night appeared to be a little more on the ball than the last couple visits. Friendly, checking on us. That's all I ask from a waitress.

Missy Reynolds

I'd take Pagalo's over any other pizza in the Quad Cities. I do like Benny's, too. I don't know about the service, but the pizza is great.


Pagalo's/Pinnochio's is the BEST PIZZA in the Quad Cities! The Service is GREAT and the Gelato Mmmmmmmmm.....I am so Glad they added that to the MENU! DELICIOUS!


We ate at Pagalo's tonight for the first time and were pleased. The crust was chewy, and obviously homemade. They do not ladle on too much sauce. The service was prompt and attentive. The pizza came to the table quickly. We will go back. We do like Harris, but this pizza was different than Harris. Two different options. Oh, and for the gluten-free lovers...they have gluten-free options. Not easy to find in the QCA.

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