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Peter Lawrence

Oh, boy, yes! Bad service trumps good food any old day. There's nothing more maddening when a waiter completely ignores you after your food has been served. On the other hand, you don't want them coming over every 30 seconds. That's happened to me in the past, too.


Expecting a side item like bread to come out first is a strange expectation to have, and it's certainly out of the ordinary for Indian restaurants. There's a section on the menu for things that come out before the meal without you specifying: "appetizers."

You also complain that the guy who wasn't your waiter didn't serve you another beer when you (apparently) non-verbally made a signal of pointing at the one on the table? How about you try saying "Another beer, please?" I bet that might work!

Another pro tip for eating at restaurants: instead of fuming at the server not preemptively doing what you psychically want them to pick up on, you could ask. Like, "hey, could I have my check?" It isn't a huge restaurant and I guarantee you had the opportunity. But I bet if they had just brought it, you'd complain about how they rudely were pushing you out the door.

You sound like a tool. Realize that spending $14 on a meal and leaving a $1.80 tip doesn't make you king for the evening.

Road Tips

I've been called a tool! I love it!

You're probably right. I should have verbalized the fact that I needed another beer. The universal signal for "Another beer please" has always been - at least to me - pointing at the beer and nodding.

I guess I don't quite understand your point about waiting for the bread to come out first as a strange expectation. I'm far from an Indian restaurant connoisseur, but I've found that usually the naan bread - that I order as an appetizer - comes out before the meal.

As far as asking for the bill, when no waiter in sight, it's usually regarded as rude to yell out, "HEY! PLEASE BRING ME MY BILL!" When I say no one was around to bring us our checks (the gentleman seated next to me, included) there was no one around. I don't know if they were in the back, out front smoking, they just were not in the dining area. And the servers weren't in the dining area for a long time.

By the way, how did you know I spent $14 dollars and left a $1.80 tip? I'm impressed that Kreskin reads my blog! ;-) (Actually it was a little more than that - both the bill and the tip!)

Sara Cassady

LOL! Yes, you sound like a REAL tool! Bad service makes me grumpy and it really upsets me when waiters (or waitresses!!!) forget about me when I'm eating alone! I love your blog and I'm guessing you're NOT a REAL tool!

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