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Peter Lawrence

Congratulations on your 6th anniversary of Road tips. The vast majority of blogs last less than a year. Yours is a wealth of information and very well written. I especially like the history of the places you go to and the links you provide within the story. Here's to another six years and beyond!

Peter Lawrence

St. Louis Steve

Happy 6th anniversary, Road Tips! I've noticed not a lot of St. Louis entries on your blog recently. When are you coming back?

Road Tips

StL Steve - I don't get to St. Louis all that much any longer due to the closing of Ultimate Electronics and American TV in the market. We did come down for Cardinals games earlier this year and we went to LoRusso's and Fast Eddie's Bon Aire. But I accidentally dumped all the pictures from my camera before I saved them to my computer. So, I couldn't really write about those places (the LoRusso's would have been a follow up to a below par meal I had there earlier). I was in St. Louis earlier this fall talking with new dealers. Look for some upcoming entries on St. Louis in the coming weeks.

Road Tips

By the way - thank you both for your kind comments. I certainly appreciate the support.

Johnny Rio

Unfortunately, there is new business partners (ok, within last year) that are RUINING EL SOL DE TALA that seem to be stripping all the authenticity from the restaurant that still exists. The place is now littered with lcd tv screens everywhere and new tacky tablecloths and white foil paper covering the nice decorated tables and chairs almost all gone too. The food still reigns supreme but the management now has gone into full pretension mode as it tries to recreate a more elegant atmosphere to capture the more affluent crowds. Javier should know that is NOT the core audience for this restaurant and all these ideas by young kid business partners is alienating people from wanting to return to el sol.The rich crowds don't want to encounter the neighborhood of the restaurant enough to want to come there regularly. I'm on the fence about continuing to keep going or not. The food and drinks are amazing but with so many constant changes I don't know if it's worth it.

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