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Very nicely written.

Captain Dan

I've had the ones from Newton and the ones from Marshalltown. It's tough to say which is better. I know they're both better than the other Maidrites I've had around Des Moines.


Thanks Dan, for sticking with your business through these difficult economic times for this city. It is always a treat to come to your shop.

Pat Foote


Dan is DA MAN!!! He put up with us when we were raising hell in the back room as teenage punks from Central Jr. High. Trying to eat a whole Joey rite in one bite ... Dan always has a smile. I was in there over Thanksgiving and it was as good as ever. Love the "bowl of meat" and the well as the fries (crispy, of course)

Dan has given countless people a start in business by employing students and has made a home town restaurant, well, more than just a restaurant. The Newton Maid-Rite shop is an institution.

BARRY Johnson

I grew up in Liscomb and went to Taylors since old enough to sit on the stool lets just say 50 years. My wife and I still go whenever in the area and lm sure our kids will carry on that desire. Moving to Baxter I have ate at the Newton (whatdayacallit) a few times and Im sure a bit biased I like Taylors better. Only mustard pickle onion no ketchup please.
Nice article..Barry

Koni Bunse

A lot of rumors circulated when Mr. Dan changed from Madi Rite to Mr. Dan's Sandwich Shop but it is STiLL THE BEST. There are times I actually crave a Cheese-Rite, Cheese Balls and a Diet Pepsi. Fortunately I'm only 6 blocks away. :)

Renee J

Everytime I come back to town, the first place I eat is Maid Rite. Always been my favorite and it doesn't change. I would recommend everyone passing through to stop in and grab an original maid rite. You won't regret it.


I grew up in Newton and this is the only Maid-Rite in my heart. Dan has been great for the community. Thanks for the article, some of this history I did not know. Now I'm hungry.

Marlys Mullen

Best article I have read about this wonderful piece of my life. I grew up with the Maid Rite, even participated in Community Theatre with Chris Holland. (The Philadelphia Story) Thrilled we were in Newton long enough to pass the same memory on to my children. There's nothing like it. And, Dan is simply a great part of all of it.

Jim Hyatt  NHS 65

This is a well done and thorough history of Maid Rite. Having been a devotee of both Newton and Marshalltown locations I agree they are the best. The quality and value varies quite a bit at other spots although I am sure some are good...for example the Big T in Toledo at least used to be quite good and we all know some that are less up to par. I would say Taylor's is probably #1 as far as carry out business goes and Newton was the best back in the Holland era as a "hangout." (Personally I spent a few dollars at Snooks as well).

Susan Hayes

This sandwich shop is my favorite in the world! My dad who was a small business owner in Newton as well could be seen eating there at least 3-4 times a week! Talking with other community members- but also chatting with " Daniel son"! I really do not two harder working men than Dan Holtkamp, and my dad- the late Dick Knoot! Thank you for the great food Dan and Pam, but more importantly thank you for your friendship and the memories!!!! Susan Knoot Hayes

darrel mortenson

Aloha. I grew up in newton .l went to the old high school early 1950es .We would go to maid rites for lunch.i moved to California and now I am retired in honolulu, could you send me about 6 maid rates. I will pay for air express, just kidding. I make my own maid rites at home. Thank you for the article. It brought back good memories.

Rita Neve

Such good memories. I graduated from Newton Senior High in 69. Maid Rite my sisters and I still love stopping and getting a maid rite if we are in Bewton. Some great memories if that back room.

Tom Cook

I remember eating in the Maid-Rite when the floors were DIRT! Is that just my imagination, or do others recall that, too??? I, too, graduated from Newton High School in 1969 and STILL eat there every time I'm in Newton!

Kristin Hamilton Johnson

I worked at Maid-Rite as a student over a 7-year period, as Dan and Pam were so kind to let me earn some money during high school and over my college breaks. It's funny how people try to imitate the sandwich and insist there must be a can of Coke or various other "secret" ingredients. But this article is absolutely correct on the actual cooking method. I have stayed in touch with the Holtkamps, and we have taken our kids there since they were babies. We love the Maid-Rite - and we love the Holtkamps! Here's to many more years of Mr. Dan's!

Patricia Edwards Massingill

I was born and raised in Newton Iowa and the best times were when we got to go to Maid Rites and see Mr. Dan.
My father Clifford Edwards knew him quite well and it was so nice to walk in and Mr. Dan greet us so kindly. I loved sitting in the bar stools in the front. I remember momma and daddy always checking out the round pie things they had sitting on the big u-shaped counter to see what pies were still available!! Wow such wonderful memories at Maid Rites. It was a treat for us when we got to go there!! Love love love them! First stop is always Maid Rite when going back home to Newton Iowa!!

Doug Olson

Just here from San Diego, CA and got my Maid Rite fix. Lived I San Diego since 1977 and find ourself in Iowa about every two years. Newton’s Maid Rite is a must when I visit. Just love my visit every time.

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