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Yup, Battle's is still in business and it's still the best barbeque in Ames.

Joey K.

George died about 5 years ago. He was a very sweet man. I like the barbecue at Hickory Park, but I LOVE the barbecue at Battle's. The new owners have all of George's recipes and they're following them to a T.

Javier Oniel

The way how a meat is cooked directly affects its taste and aroma, and most of the restaurants and places where meat and barbecues are delicious use a combination of traditional and conventional methods. Even if the recipe is well-blended, if the cooking isn't that great, the food might still end up bland and tasteless – in worse cases, it even ends up tasting awful. That's the key to being a famous restaurant: the style of cooking. :)


What Hickory Park need is Big Daddys BBQ sauce on their meats. When that happens you might not be able to get in the door.

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