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We love the Flea Market! We usually stop in for a burger whenever we're in Westport. It's definitely a killer burger.

Tricia Taylor

OMG!!! You made it to the Flea Market! I knew you"d love it!

joe revell

I totally agree with your impression of the Flea Market. Denise and I were in KC for St. Paddy's day a couple of years ago when we were lucky enough to stumble across it. We liked it so much we went back for more burgers two days later. They have the best hamburger I've ever eaten.
I enjoy your reviews and eat at the resturants you suggest when traveling.
FYI: the Tap in Newton is opening again next month. Maybe I'll see you there. Joe

Becky de Wit

Hi! Thanks so much for your wonderful and informative post about the Flea! I've worked there for 21 years (!!!) and enjoyed the little journey through your eyes.

I'm happy you found us and enjoyed your experience with us. You really MUST hit McGonigle's next time you're in town - it's the best!

One tiny correction I'd like to make: the photo you have is of Joe Z and Larry Moore, a local tv news anchor, and not Mel Kleb. But your research was spot on otherwise! I can also tell you a little secret - in the back is our catering business and under the walk-in cooler is an old shuffleboard painted on the original floor of "The Place."

Thanks again for the great and thorough review! Come back and see us!


It was actually Things Unlimited at least as early as 1970 if not 1969. My parents had a booth there. I spent many a weekend there, not by choice. Pretty boring for a 10 yr. old. I went to the hippie church a few blocks away a couple of times.

Katie kleb

Please make the difference between the two Mel Klebs. The first Mel Kleb was Mel Kleb, Sr., my father. He bought the flea market and redid the center paar and grill. Mel Kleb II, my brother, ran the bar and grill. When my father died in 1996, Mel II took over.
Kathryn "Katie" Kleb

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