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Sauteed Radish

yummy.. do you have a menu?

Road Tips

You can click on the highlighted "menu" link halfway through the entry to view the menu at Jake's.

check pagerank

i hope i can taste that pizza...

Penny (Kessler) Kurdeka

I haven't had a Jake's pizza in about 37 years but the way you describe it sounds exactly how I remember it - yummy!

James Brome

I was one of Jakes first customers, when he rented a storefront next to Golden's Delicatesen on Elmhurst Rd. (Rt 83) Since that time
I have been a customer for 53 years. Telling all my friends, that I thought Jakes was the best Pizza I had ever had eaten~!

The secret, is his crust, it is is different than anybody els's you can go to. Nobody has a crust as good as Jakes~!

Andrew Grant

I grew up in Palatine and used to patronize the Jake's that was located on NW Hwy across from Busch's gas station. They had THE best thin crust (real Chicago thin crust)and also had a fantastic beef that was topped with Mozzarella cheese. Unfortunately they closed a long time ago and have no idea what is there now. My wife and I are always in search of a great thin crust but here in California we have not had much success. In 2004, a Jakes Pizza opened in our town of La Quinta (not affiliated with the Chicago chain) and they had a thin crust as close to the real Jakes as we have ever had. We were in Heaven and went there alot. Unfortunately they also closed several years ago and the night they closed, I ordered 10 to go and froze them!
Thanks for sharing this article, I was wondering what happened to the Jakes. I will definitely visit the Mt. Prospect Jakes next time we are back in town.


I believe i just picked up an Jakes Pizza sign from the original location. Can anyone help me identify it

Gary Jay

I understand that Jake Flowers moved to Palm Springs in the Eighties. I think it was
Jake that opened Jakes Pizza in LaQuinta.

I was a friend of Jakes in the Late 70’s. Jake had a 49 foot sail boat, we sailed the Caribbean Islands for 3 weeks, one of my best memories of all time. Hope Jake is still sailing

Gary Jay

William Kupp

@Jeremy Copley - If you were to actually find an "original" Jake's pizza, you would know by the menu selection (eg) Jake's menu offered a bunch of "specialty" pizzas, all of which were excellent. However (imho) the Jake's "BBQ Western" pizza was to die for, so much so, from about 1985 thru the mid 1990s, myself, my family or friends would order a Jake's "Western" at least 1x/wk from the Jake's in St Charles, IL. Sadly (last I recall) all the original Jake's locations closed around 2012. Side note... no matter how many other Western pizzas I've tried over the years, nothing ever comes remotely close to Jake's. One thing's for certain, John "Jake" Flowers definitely knew how to make a dm good pizza & it's a shame his partnership, the public stock offering & his franchise plans didn't work out as planned :'(

William Kupp

@Gary Jay - Your story of "Jake" is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing. I actually frequented Jake's St Charles location all thru high school/the mid 80s, as well as all thru the early/mid 90s. Jake definitely knew a thing or two about making really good pizza!

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