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Deke R.

You must have caught them on a good night. Its not the same La Pizza House back in the day when Abbie and Russ ran the place. My wife and I have gone there a few times the past few months and it can go from very good to blah from visit to visit. The onion rings are about the only saving grace for us. Their consistent in taste and worth the visit.


La Pizza house was one of my family's favorite places to go. My dad took my mom there on their first date way back when. :) So it has some meaning to us. We love the onion rings and meatball pizza. It's kind of a hoof when you live out in WDM; we haven't been there for a while.

Joe Mascaro

I've lived in many cities all over the U.S. and worldwide. My dad started going here in the early 50s when they first opened. He is a true south side Italian kid. My earliest memories of this place were around 1968. It is and was the fondest and most original pizza memories I've ever had. It is to this day the most delicious pie i have ever had. I now live in Seattle. I've never had a pizza that would ever come close. The onion rings are beyond words. Though, it is the pizza I will forever miss. If I were getting executed it would undoubtedly be my last meal in life. I'd order a large, sausage, "hot" with anchovies and a family order of rings. I'd have to sit at the bar downstairs and have a couple pitchers. After that I wouldnt care about the bullet. I'd already be in heaven.


La Pizza House is moving down the street and around the corner to 1440 Maury St. It will reopen on Aug. 21.

ronald mane

I love having these types of pizza because it has a delicious taste which everyone wants and i order from pizza crown which is best as well
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Lisa Welter

My Granny Daisy was a waitress at La Pizza House for 40 years....4 generations of my family have worked there....When I was a little girl I loved to watch the guys throw dough behind the window....So many memories...Thank You, La Pizza House~

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