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True the burgers are pretty good but better as a double. The chili is watery and they don't have fries (probably no room to cook them). I'm a native to Fort Wayne and have to agree the nostalgia is there. If you want the burgers on a good day, go when the older man is cooking, they come out much, much better. The younger guy tends over cook the onions, the burgers are thinner and I worry about the sanitary conditions when he's cooking. You can see him in the picture above with his back to the camera. Plus he's got a pretty rude way of talking to customers. You can lose the old fashioned feel when faced with a modern bad attitude. Stick with the older guy, good cook, and a nice friendly personality. Burgers are still better as double, more meat. I always say no onions as they are paper thin.

George Capen

Oh my, what memories! Our family called it "Little Hamburgers." I grew up in Dearborn and ate at the original Powers. It was always a treat, and about a 2 mile walk from home to "Little Hamburgers" that my mother and I made frequently. Sometimes grandfather would drive. He had been going there since his teens when the place first opened (grandma too, who attended Henry Ford's nearby one-room school house -- no kidding! -- at Greenfield Village). You can imagine my delight when I finally reached the age to attend junior high (now closed) just 2 blocks away from Powers! I would sneak out of the school almost every day and use my lunch cash for a burger with the world's tiniest Coke in a bottle...mmmmmmm...YUMMY! I am thrilled to learn that there is still a Powers in existence and will plan to make the pilgrimage with mom. I hope that Mr. Hall has started the process of historical building registry so that future efforts to "revitalize" do not jeopardize the existence of this icon of American history.

Anthony Houser

Don't care what anybody says. Best burgers ever.

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