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Dick Bateman

A great and interesting article. Does the Weber people know about this? They should!

St. Louis Steve

I'd think the WEber people would know if its the 60th anniversary of their grill. When you going to do another place in sT. Louis?

Steph's Mom

Wow! This is a great article! I found out more about Weber grills in reading this than I ever knew before! Great job!

Eric P

Don't worry about "Husker Red". He's come across as a snob on the Weber Kettle forum more than once. This is a great article. I've had to toss a Weber kettle or two in my day. Handles break, the air disc breaks off, but the kettle itself is usually still in great shape. They're built to last, but hardly anything lasts forever.

Raymond Daniels

Found this blog while looking for a way to cook a turkey on a Weber grill. I used to work at a hardware store that sold Weber grills and have used them religiously for years. I will tell you that once they start to leak air around the lid (you can see the smoke coming out of the gap around the lid) it's time to throw it away. Great article. Great blog.


Great article...interesting history. I am one of "those" Weber collectors myself. Anything except black grills for me. Funny you mention all those older Weber grills that have become obsolete and hard to find now. I have most of them you talked about!

Eric P.

Hey, Road Tips! They're calling you names on the Weber Grill Forum! Looks like you've touched a nerve, you troll!


"Some people accuse me of being a Weber collector, but I use mine rather than just look at them."
~~~> Author

Yeah, me too.....

OK, let's try this......

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