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Chris M.

Hi there. Glad to read you like the Green Gables so much! Just for your information going forward, you have quite a bit of inaccurate information here. For one thing, the gas pumps were there through the 80's and were not removed until the Holders took over. Also, the story about Ross Elvidge planning to close the place and selling off the grill is completely false. I'm not sure where you heard that from, but he never planned on closing the place and the plan was always to sell it to my parents and they certainly didn't have to buy the grill back from someone else. Also they got the Gables in the early 80's and sold it to Mike and Sandy in the late 80's. The story about the grill cleaning isn't true either. In fact, the grill was replaced several years ago and no one noticed any difference. You must have just come at a bad time or there was some other reason you didn't enjoy the burger as much when you came in, but it wasn't because someone cleaned to grill too much.

Chris M.

Thanks for letting me know where you got your information. I’m glad you sent that Pantagraph link because after I thought about it I was pretty sure I had heard that grill story before but couldn’t remember where. For the most part it’s not true. As the article (written in 2008) states, the grill incident supposedly happened “decades ago” so either way it wouldn’t explain why your burger tasted different in 2007. Plus the grill had been replaced by then so it wasn’t the same grill that my grandpa bought or was supposedly overly-cleaned. I do know that when they bought the new grill my uncle made sure to grill a lot of different things on it to try and “season it”, so maybe the story came from that. I'm guessing whoever the employee was cited in the article was joking with them. There are a lot of people who still think it’s the same grill though and a lot of people who are fond of stories who frequent the Gables so I’m not surprised by the story at all.  The original grill was given to a family friend who uses it in their garage and my aunt just told me that he was still using it last time she talked to him.

I didn’t know anything about that book but I know the lady who wrote it and just asked my mom about it and she remembered when it came out and they noticed a few things that were wrong then. The pumps came out shortly after my mom sold the Gables to my aunt in ’89.

If you can ever come across where you found an article about the grill being sold and my parents buying it I’d love to see it. It’s 100% false but I’d still like to see it. My grandpa had made plans to sell the Gables to my mom years before he sold it to her (I actually just learned that talking to my mom today), and as soon as my mom married my dad my grandpa started putting the plan in motion and they bought it a couple of years later. The grill was never sold to or promised to anyone else.

Again, so glad you enjoy the Gables. In my obviously biased opinion they are the best burgers ever!



al Coley

The smell of home cooked hamburgers overwhelms your sense of smell when you step in. For me it brings me back to the 50's when that was how all burgers were cooked. I'm from Streator and it reminds so much of the odors of a famous place called the Hamburger Inn. Long gone, but not forgotten. I don't get to the Green Gables often, but it's a joy to sit there and drink a beer while you wait for the burgers wrapped in paper, no plate necessary and just take a look at the clients that are there and listen to the chit chat. The waitress has a grip on it all as well. She handles the seated bar area and the floor. This is a great place to take a friend that's never been there before. I highly recommend the Green Gables

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