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Joel Barnum

I wish you would have posted this a few days earlier. My buddy and I just road - tripped to Bloomington to watch the Hawks play IU and this would've been a fun stop.


Just got home from a road trip to Danville for the NJCAA National Basketball tournament. The Moon Glo was recommended to us by the local volunteers at the tournament. We were not disappointed.
Owner Phil wasted no time sitting down at or table and having a beverage while welcoming us, asking us where we were from and telling us the history of the place along with various other tales. All great to hear.
This is a VERY friendly place with great food and pleasant staff. We couldn't fit in one of the huge steaks but that is on the list for our next visit. We did consume several of the burgers over 5 days and highly recommend them.

Can't wait to get back

Congrats do it RITE!

Sean Carter

Now that is a burger! I have been to quite a few golf courses in Las Vegas but never have come across a urnial like that.. seems like you had much fun on this trip though!


I worked in the Danville area in late '07 and had a couple MoonBurgers while I was there. Best burger I've ever had! Taking a road trip to next weekend to STL and told my girl friend we're taking an hour detour just so I can get a another MoonBurger!

Wen Stephenson

We just went again, my 3rd time, my son's first, Sunday night. We both got the steak, way too much for one person, my son didn't even eat it all, 19 year old growing boy. I was kinda disappointed at the quality of the steak, pretty gristly and fatty, but it wasn't lacking in quantity. The burgers and grilled pork tenderloin sandwiches are outstanding though. You GOTTA try the grilled tenderloin if u haven't, it's SOOOOO good! Haven't tried any of their appetizers yet, but the Texas toast with some butter on it grilled with the steak is to die for! Great place, even though I didn't get to check out the urinal, I got a report about it from my son! LOL

Doug Hughes

So fun to read about this place. I was talking to a friend if mine about this place. Looked it up on the Internet and was pleasantly surprised that it is still there. Back in 1981 I was a landman buying oil and gas leases around the Danville area and would frequent the Moon Glo a lot. Our crew would enjoy cooking our own steaks while standing around the open pit drinking a beer. Funny how a great experience sticks with you. My buddy and I are thinking about a weekend trip to Danville just to eat there. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Hope to visit soon.

JERRY Hawker

The Moon Glow a great place to eat I ate there regularly. There’s a lot of folklore about the Willitt boys. There was Cecil Dick George and Bill. They were quite active shall we say on activities in around Danville and the village Belgium just south of Danville. Cecil was the first to own the Moon glow however he had a little problem where he was climbing down from the second floor of my great grandfather‘s house on Mead Street in Danville trying to get away from sheriff sid on a bootleg charge. In those days Didn’t run from the police so sheriff Sid shot uncle Sids in the leg. Uncle Cecil spent some time in jail so he could not have a license I don’t know the lady that had the license for the Moon Glow But eventually uncle cease died and uncle Bill took over he was the father-in-law of Dick Van Dyke . I have a set of caricatures that Dick Van Dyke drew of uncle Bill while sitting at the bar in the moon glow . My grandfather George at a tavern down in the village of Belgium there was some kind of complication couldn’t continue to have a license in his name so my grandmother dolly had to move Belgium as the requirement you had to be a resident of the Village to have a liquor license. Uncle Dick got in some kind of trouble decided to move to northern Indiana and become a horse trader. It was a different time then but eventually they all became prominebusinessman and active in local politics. Absolutely love sitting around listening to these guys tell stories. Eventually years later I became chief of police of village of Belgium on the 85th anniversary of the village they had a display of the old Jail which only had two cells my grandmother had to show me which one she would go to get my grandpa Out she said since the tavern was right next to the village hall and jail she didn’t have far to go. Just the thing you want your grandmother to be telling everybody at the celebration when you’re the chief of police. Loved all these guys. And Phil is doing a fantastic job continuing the great service at the moon glow.

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