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Hey! Thank you so much for your feedback. I would like to apologize for the attitude displayed by your server. Our servers are trained to ask guests if they have ever visited Blue, not eaten sushi. We've taken steps to clarify this wording with our service staff. Regarding the chefs, we are an equal opportunity employer, and would never base our hiring practices on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We truly appreciate your business and would be honored to have you as a guest again in the future. All the best, Megan Longo, Flagship Restaurant Group

Khaki C.

Sushi, in and of itself, is an art form. Being of Japanese descent, my family has been eating sushi for years. . . long before it was fashionable. The comment about the chefs being Hispanic was rude. In Omaha, Nebraska there is not a great concentration of Japanese folk, let alone, chefs. Made correctly, who cares?

Blue Sushi is one of a handful of reputable, quality conscious restaurants that serve sushi and do it well. Hiro Sushi is another. Maybe that's the one the writer was thinking about out west?

Personally, I love that we have become exposed in such a grand way to Japanese cuisine. Thankful for that.

Dawn Taylor

How can the comment about the sushi chefs being hispanic rude? It's another case of champions of minorities being thin skinned and trying to be politically correct. The author was merely pointing out the fact that the chefs were hispanic. I didn't catch anything in his observation other than being factual. It wasn't demeaning or belittling.

Sarah Maxwell

Good God, Khaki! Lighten up! Observing someone's race is completely different than discrimination and it's far from rude. I would never think of Hispanics making sushi, just like I'd never think of Japanese people cooking in a Mexican restaurant.

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