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Gerry Geristotle

Stan wasn't always "making sandwiches in the kitchen". I lived in NE Mpls and during the late 70's I ate there many times. At noon there was always a long line out the front door, young and old from down on the heels to high heels. Stan stood over the great chunks of beef personnally carefully slicing it into each customers sandwich. He was a big guy and looked even bigger in white apron and tall chefs hat. Stan was as much the dining experience as the fantastic huge roast beef sandwiches. - G.

Julie Peterson Freeman

When a music student at the University of Minnesota, I only skipped my classes once and it was at the urging of Kathy Gagne - yes, Verne's daughter. It was pouring rain so we grabbed our umbrellas and raincoats to slosh through giant puddles ending up at Mayslack's for a warm up, a beer and lunch. I will always remember that day with the wrestler's daughter. Mayslack's is an institution for "city kids" and hasn't changed one iota since 1969 when Kathy and I sat in those straight old booths drying out and chomping on huge roast beef sandwiches.


I worked for Mayslack's once for a short time back in the 70" for the article above one would NEVER have found any lumps of gristle on a sandwich when Stan was alive. He would be mortified to hear that. He was a grumpy, tough old man but an ethical one....a retired wrestler who could frighten you with a "look" if you displeased him!!!! A bit stingy with a paycheck...but not with the beef : )

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