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Steph's Mom

We've eaten at Legends Corner a few times but haven't been there for a couple months and we thought the food was alright and the service was spotty. The chicken wings are very good. And you're right about the parking lot. It needs work!

Greg B

I grew up in that neighborhood and remember Henry's. I've passed Legends many times on my way to the Hyvee or Against The Grain. I must say I'm surprised they have decent food there... the place kinda looks generic and geared for Augie students seeking cheap beer. Maybe I'll check it out. Oh, who am I kidding. No way I stop there when ATG is right up the street!

Robert Johnson

I've only been to Legends Corner twice, but both times I found it to be some of the best food Rock Island has to offer. Not only were the burgers perfect, you could tell that they were flamed grilled. I am not sure why you posted that they seemed like they were under a heat lamp, because let me tell you, this place is no fast food joint! Try the reuben balls (only available some days), as they are the best!!! I rate this place an A+ in terms of quality burger!


I am going to find out who you are. All of your posts are sadistic and you hurt local businesses all over the Midwest. Be warned: your site will not last.

Stacy Kirk

Restaurants regularly hold food under a heat lamp in the kitchen especially if the cook is waiting on something to finish that is going to the same table. It happens alot. It could very well be that the hamburger was done and the kitchen was waiting on the salmon to finish up.

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