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John Caine

The Workingman's friend is my favorite burger joint in all of Indianapolis, I visit the establishment frequently, my favorite thing to get is the giant double cheeseburger and onion rings, and of course a frosty fishbowl. I look forward to my trips to the Workingman's, not only for the great food but also for the staff that take the time out of there day to remember what I get when I walk in the door, they are the same faces I see every time I go in. I always sit at the bar when I go in and almost always have the bartender you speak of and not once has she ever been rude to me in the manner you have suggested, and personally I think it was mean and hurtful to slander someone personally by name on your blog, that sir, was a little harsh from yourself.

J.D. Carter

I don't think there was any slander involved in this post. I've been to Workingman's Friend many times and I know exactly who he's talking about. I didn't know her name until now, tho. She does have a hard attitude but I don't think she is being malicious or the guy who wrote the blog is being malicious either. I can see where she can be a little hard at times but that doesn't stop me from going back and having a double cheeseburger with onion rings. This guy captured everything I see at Workingman's Friend.

Kevin Betz

The Workingman's Friend is an Indianapolis institution! This extensive history, if accurate, only adds to the legend of The WMF. For 100 years, it's been as solid as its concrete blocks for a good burger and a cold beer. It's not about phony smiles and fancy service. It's about being a "regular", being slow to warm up and being unique. From the art deco glass bar to the 100-year-old two-handed frozen fishbowls, to the "cash-only" rules, it's in essence really a family-run neighborhood tavern at its heart. Until you earn the title "regular," you don't necessarily merit too much attention or niceties -- as it should be. And consider yourself lucky to get a fishbowl! Shelley is just fine! "Gruff" just means the visitor/reviewer has gone to too many fancy Chicago restaurants. How many of those restaurants have remained in business for 100 years?

We love it so much that we started a scholarship named in its honor at Ivy Tech. The Workingman's Friend Scholarship pays tuition every semester for a hard-working and deserving student at Ivy Tech every year. Long-live The Workingman's Friend!

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