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St. Louis Steve

You're right. It's a toss up between Adams, Bogarts or Pappys. You can't go wrong with any of those.

Tom Geders

On your next visit, you have to try the ribs and smoked salami, you just cannot find anything that tastes close to either one in town. Which is hard to say about ribs, but the glaze is mouthwatering. And the smoked salami is made and smoked without casing apparently and has a spice all its own. Regarding the pit beans, I could not agree more, great stuff.

Mike Oliver

I don't get all the hubbub over the smoked salami. But the ribs are very good. Great blog, great write up.


I've loved a sweet, smokey dark BBQ sauce my whole life (like Sweet Jane) but I always try other sauces because I'm adventerous. I've just never found a sauce I like better that a dark, sweet, smokey style. Until I went to Adams and found my new love, Cranberry Cayenne! It's sweet, spicy and fruity! Who created this masterpiece of a sauce???

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