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Carl G

Sorry to be picky! I really enjoy your blog and make it a point to share with any salespeople who visit STL.
This expression, meaning “diagonally opposite,” was formed from a misspelling in English of the French word quatre (“four”) prefixed to “corner.” Although the word has nothing to do with cats or kittens, in various dialects all three spellings are acceptable: “catty,” “cater” or “kitty.”
But unless you have somebody holding your golf clubs permanently stationed in the corner of your room, you shouldn’t use the spelling “caddy corner.”

Road Tips

Thanks for looking in Carl! Was just in St. Louis all weekend taking in some baseball! I was probably sick the day we had advanced English colloquialisms in school, so I never knew the difference or the etymology of the phrase.

Brian White

I've always said caddy-cornered, too. Must be an Iowa thing!

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