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Shawn Peterson

First, you TOTALLY screwed up and didn't have that Chili Dog pizza. It was so good, I wish we'd gotten more. Second, you have to live a little and try the pizzas Jim has come up with, and then you'll say, hmmmm, better then places in other states too. For instance, The Whole Hog. Oh, my, HOG! I'm so hungry right now I'd take one! And the Big Jim. Best Big "Mac" I've ever had. And the taco pizza really is better then any you'll eat anywhere, ever! And his cheese sticks and variety of sauces for dipping will have you wishing you had room for more. Then let's chat about the cinnamon sticks. OMG! Delicious. Moanworthy! To-die-for. Oh gosh, The Bomber, named after our now closed local high school, the Adair-Casey Bombers. Yum meat yum! And, all of the pizzas reheat nicely. We always get the lettuce on the side for the taco and Big Jim for reheating purposes. P.S. Jim was the youngest manager in Happy Chef history. And he's humble. I'd stop back sooner then later so you can update your status to best pizza in the tri-state area. Or, as my husband says, and he travel all over the US, including New York and New Jersey, Zipp' is THE best pizza I've ever eaten. Sorry George! P.S.S. we drive from the east side of Altoona!

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