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I lived in Marshalltown for four years and never understood the love for Zeno's. My first night in town I'd ordered three pizza off the menu, then quickly backtracked when they quoted me $75. $75 for three pizzas! Unreal. The pizza was fine, but not nearly as good as what everyone makes it out to be. For a $25 pizza, the canned mushrooms they used were unacceptable.

The second time we stopped in to dine. They sat us, then proceeded to ignore us for 20 minutes. I tried waving down a waitress and was unsuccessful, to which the guy in the booth next to me muttered, "Well, you can't please everyone." After 25 minutes, someone stopped by. The pizza was just as disappointing the second time, and I never went back after that.

Vernon Beenken

Zeno's Pizza in my Grundy Center, Ia was where my wife and I had our first date after going to a UNI Basketball game in '72.
In '76 I worked there as an Assistant Manager part time for some extra money.

Tom Overman

I worked at Zeno’s in Marshalltown as a teenager and I loved it. Terry and Jan would often have parties at their home after work on the weekends. That was in the late 60’s. I loved the sauce-and still do. However, decades later, the pizza does taste different somehow. Perhaps it’s just my taste buds!?! I was sad to see the new owners took down all the pictures of our crew that Terry had displayed for years. I realize it’s time for the new owners to give the place their own memories.

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