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This is awesome. Loved this update and congrats. Thank you for sharing!
I lost almost 100 pounds doing lazy keto. It’s the only way I’ve found to
keep my appetite in check. Can’t stress enough the importance in finding what
works for you and consistency. Love your success!


Classic line. I've tried kale, I don't like kale, I like cheeseburgers.

Who doesn't?


Happy new year to you two! Thanks for sharing your story. I agree, kale is kind of gross.

Jerry Bailey

Modern medicine is nothing but a back scratching racket between doctors fostered by the insurance industry.


After the loss of my husband and the death of a grandchild a little over a year later, I gained a significant amount of weight and fell into a deep depression. Your story is similar to mine. I went to see health professionals for both my mental and physical being. It turned out that I had Type 2 diabetes, too. And I did go through the health coach and nutritionist. Like you, I lost enough weight where I'm no longer diabetic, I feel better about myself, I don't consider myself depressed any longer, and life seems to be going great again. Happy New Year to you and all!!!

Charley S.

Great sense of humor regarding a life changing situation. Loved the part about your wife thinking they would find cheeseburgers in your arteries. And I agree. Most of today's medicine is a scam involved in trying to pry more money from your wallet. Just wait until you hit Medicare age. They bounce you around like a pingpong ball.

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