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I'm sorry to hear about your job and hope that you find something that allows you to travel and meets your salary desires, too!

If you want to continue to write, hope that you do, whatever that may be about.

Joe Revell

I've always enjoyed your writing and going down memory lane when you reviewed a place I have visited. I retired this month and I am looking for my next adventure. When you create your next perfect business and need a partner give me a call. jr

Scott Grunder

Oh no. I have read this blog once a week since I came across it.Looked forward to each entry. I downsized my paycheck by over half last year to have a normal life. That said entries to my blog have tapered off quite a bit too.

Hopefully you will post about places around the QC every now and then.


Oh no. I will miss your posts. I am sorry to hear this happened to you. There is no loyalty or compassion any longer in the work place.


I understand your comments about travel. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. You have such strong skills (writing, connecting with new people and learning their story, etc.). I hope you find a fit down the road that lets you keep up with your passion. You are prolific and monetizing your work is not a bad thing if that helps get you doing what is in your flow. Life is a journey and you certainly are a seasoned traveler. All the best!

Steph's Mom

I have to admit that its been a few weeks since I last checked in to Road Tips and I have to say that I am shocked and sad to see this entry. I hope that you'll find something, or maybe found something now. I saw that the Tastee Freeze on Rockingham closed for good this past week and I immediately thought of you. I hope you keep doing the reviews if you get a chance. I promise to check back more often!

Tim Lake

It was Klipsch, wasn't it? I never liked that company since Paul Klipsch sold the company to Fred Klipsch.

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