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Hello! I worked there for about three years before I had to move. I would just like to add some interesting info. Firstly it is by far the cleanest kitchen I had ever worked in. I worked in about three kitchens before that and two kitchens since and it is still the cleanest. Everything there is made in house. The only things we kept frozen was the shrimp, French fries, and icecream. The icecream itself is made in house and I have made many many batches over the years. My two favorite items are definitely the short rib grilled cheese, (slow cooked on the bone beef short rib pulled and picked it is definitely my favorite) and the Cajun Alfredo chicken pasta. It is also rich like the poutine but has a very diverse flavor and the heat isn’t overwhelming. I would like to say that just about everyone I worked with including Mary were amazing people. The work environment was the best I’ve had and Sean and Andrea are bloody angels. Chef cortel has a very amusing sense of humor and an interesting teaching style which definitely helped me learn how to cook much better and rely less on recipes. The first two months I was terrible at my job as I went from fast food/bars to actually having to make everything and I had very little experience. They were very patient for which I’m extremely appreciative of. I drop in as often as I can to drop of fruits and wild mushrooms and other things for the staff and owners and just say hi/eat my favorite meal. I dearly miss working there and would like to go back if I ever move back into the area. Best food around by a long shot and the most fun work environment I’ve had before or since. A lot of places I’ve worked have had awful work environments, unclean work stations and sketchy if not illegal food safety and handling practices but gastros was the exception to the rule and I still wear my work hat to this day with a sense of pride. I would highly suggest stopping in and trying some food out. If you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday make reservations as it’s always packed and you may have to wait a while to get seated. If you found your food particularly amazing and want to tip the cooks you can ask to order a “line cook beer” for the lads in back. I was a bit too young to partake until my last few months however there is no nicer feeling as a cook to hear the ticket print after a big rush and see a line cook beer instead of a random ten top lol! It really made me feel appreciated even if I couldn’t drink at the time.

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Mavo - that's so good to hear. Too many times I see replies or comments from former employees who literally trash the restaurant and the owners after they've left for whatever perceived slight or problem there was. The 'Line Cook Beers' is a great idea - some places will split tips with the kitchen staff, but not always. Sound like these guys had a tough row to hoe just to get open. Glad they're still doing what they do best.

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