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Here's "Blacky", the winner of the "Super Bull" competition. "Blacky" weighed in at 3095 pounds.

"Blacky" is five years old and wasn't raised to be a champion weight contender. He was bought by his current owner a couple years ago to be used in his beef cattle operation. A friend of the owner saw "Blacky" and suggested that the owner take the bull down to Des Moines and enter him in the "Super Bull" contest. There was no special training or feeding for "Blacky" prior to the contest. In fact, he was just hanging around the feed lot servicing the heifers up to a week before the State Fair.

"Blacky" is big, but he is nearly 300 pounds lighter than the all-time "Super Bull", one that weighed in at 3378 lbs. in 2004.